As a small company, we have a few major hurdles to overcome, daily. From posting on Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and the often overlooked twitter accounts. We have team meetings to consider, projects to manage, clients to keep updated and deadlines to keep.

We went through our desktops and our phones to compile a list of apps that we use on a daily basis. If you aren’t using these apps for or in your creative agency, then you most definitely want to look into it. 

01. Dropbox


Dropbox is a lifesaver when it comes to transferring Photos, Videos, collaborating on various projects and even storing the final delivered projects for our friends and clients. It's a vital tool in our toolbox. Our favorite feature is 'Shared Folders'. We use this constantly to update the folders shared between the team and clients.



02. Google Docs

Google Docs and Google Sheets have both become incredibly vital in our workflow. We are constantly on the go, and having the ability to synchronize and edit a doc with producers, task managers, colleagues and clients is incredibly time efficient. My only regret is not jumping on the Google bandwagon sooner.


03. Tave

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Táve is a business management software app that helps you improve time management and organization. From booking clients online, automations, contract creation and signing, and even a bit of lead tracking. We use this application DAILY! Their monthly payment plan is amazing as it's not too expensive for the time and convenience it brings - it is well worth the investment.



04. Harvest App

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All the productivity and task management skills you acquire with the help of these apps and resources are not worth much if you can't get a client from ideation, to the signing of the contract, and finally the payment process. Harvest app makes this easy on you and your clients by eliminating extraneous processing fees and making the last touches less stressful. We use Harvest app as much as possible with our clients and it has saved plenty of headaches and money for all involved. Go check them out at the link above!

05. Asana

Asana task management for creative video production west palm .png

If you can make a list or send an email, you can use Asana. Starting asana is really that simple. Throughout the typical work day, we find ourselves in the midst of emails, phone calls and even texts for each project. Asana is incredible for gathering tons of information and compiling it into one easy-to-navigate list or task. You can make a project for a specific client, add attachments and look at conversations and manage progress. We love how clean and refreshing the interface is, which is just another small detail we like to pay attention to in these apps. Best part of all, It's free for smaller companies!  



06. Adobe Creative Cloud


No list for a creative agency is complete without Adobe Creative Cloud. We use the suite of apps from the start of every day, leading right into the wee hours of the night. General daily apps we use are Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects and InDesign. The ability to bounce from project to project and bounce files between multiple team members is amazing. As the world moves more and more mobile, we have Freelancers and Editors all over the United States and South Florida. It's sometimes hard to meet up to go over details and finesse a piece. Adobe gives us the ability to bounce a project file quickly and tweak as needed. In addition, Adobe's platform is a staple in the creative field, so we never have an issue finding professionals who know their way around the programs.


07. Vimeo

Vimeo Jamice Ivie Varity Creative .png

First and foremost, we are a Video and Film Production company. So obviously, Vimeo is high on our lists of apps and sites we use on the regular! Vimeo has amazing features for streaming content and embedding videos and films on a website. Their latest addition to LiveStreaming is only another example of Vimeo moving forward and staying relevant. The best feature in our opinion is the ability to update a video file without changing the URL and the reviews feature. Put simply, the 'reviews' feature allows clients to view and annotate the film as they watch it to suggest edits or point out problem areas in the video draft we send out. It has made the process of editing long-form videos and multiple campaigns much easier to manage.



08. Buffer


We have used buffer (all-be-it) off and on for the last few years. It's amazing in that it queue's the posts for social media until the best time to post is. It schedules social media posts for later. This is incredibly handy for pushing pieces of content out to your fans or friends on social platforms since it knows what time will yield the most interactions or engagements on a post. It's well worth the use!



09. Synology


As we have grown and evolved, the need for storing massive amounts of files and raw video files have become more and more vital. This is where Synology comes in! Essentially, it's a giant hard drive that makes copies of our client's media automatically. This way we don't need to manually back up projects or files on external drives and have them scattered throughout our offices. We have also noticed that our clients appreciate that their media is being stored on a secure server that has redundancy built in. One the biggest key differences between what we do and the A-typical solutions, is that we do have redundancy for videos. So even if we do have a massive Hard Drive failure, we won't need to go out and reshoot or start that design project from scratch. Saving valuable time and resources for everyone!




10. Pages + Icloud


It may seem a bit left field, but Pages and iCloud are a staple for our everyday life. When we are creating design briefs or creative outlines, odds are we are using Pages. Pages gives us flexibility in design and speed since it also doubles as an iPhone app and Desktop application. Besides being a web interface, we can update designs and tweak details on the go. The result is a creative brief or design proposal that looks clean as well as professional.




So there you have it! 10 of our favorite and most commonly used apps we use every day. If you like what you saw, check out the other posts we have on our blog or on our facebook page. We are constantly trying to update our work section as well as our homepage and blog. So be sure to keep an eye out for more media and interesting finds! We hope to create more useful and interesting posts like this one in the future - but until then, create on!



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