Welcome to the second week of 2019!

Our topic today is tailored to video (surprise!) and what we can all be looking for in creating content that our ideal demographic will consume / use.

For starters, we should want to push video on social platforms heavily! Not only pieces specifically designed for YouTube, and the eyes that watch that, but we should also push creative content in short- form for platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Lately, we are loving the fun space and pieces we are making for our clients in the vertical world that is Instagram stories! Not only creating content for stories, but also allowing long-form pieces for #IGTV.

Snapchat and Facebook are still huge contenders too, depending on your demographic and age. (Though we are pushing YouTube, Facebook and Instagram the most when talking content with our clients). This is why you should do the same!

Creating videos for these platforms (specifically for them) is proving to be a winning formula with clients taking advantage of them. Not only are people engaging with the content, but the metrics are proving the point. Creating interesting and ENGAGING media that people want to consume is also adding organic growth through sharing of the media on the platforms and within friend groups. Most notably, viral advertising like the Harmon Brothers, is proving that there’s a new kind of media that we are calling ‘entertainment advertising’. These pieces can be propelled through humor, adding in a celebrity, or just good-old-fashioned storytelling.

TLDR, version is this. If you create consistent, engaging and entertaining — or at the very least quality media that your audience will see and consume— your bottom line will thank you. People will engage with it, and you will begin to create a repertoire with new consumers and ultimately generate more sales leads all while building a brand identity. 


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