With the Superbowl just around the corner, we have been thinking a lot recently on how we have been consuming sports content. More crucially, where are the fans looking to in terms of engaging with the content. We believe the team at Google said it best,

“ Technology has completely transformed the world of sports, from the equipment athletes use to the tools available to referees. It’s also changed the way fans follow their favorite teams and athletes. For example, on YouTube we’ve seen a whole range of interesting new fan behaviors play out, such as a 50% increase in watch time of “funny” sports videos. ”(Taken from Think With Googles January 2019, post)

We are captivated on where the eyes of consumers are looking

We are captivated on where the eyes of consumers are looking

We have been talking a lot about what we think the trends of this year will be, in terms of creating engaging media with various markets / clientele. How creative content is first introduced, how it will ultimately be interacted with and how it is digested, is quite important. With CPC and CPE steadily rising, businesses are realizing more than ever that they need to make the first, second and third impressions great. Then, they need to maintain a great relationship with the consumer for repeat purchases or sales. Sports is no different. With a 50% increase of views coming from mobile (in the last year) there is a clear trend here. People are consuming more and more media through their mobile and smart devices. This represents an amazing opportunity for businesses small and large to take advantage of this trend and market to their demographic.

The fact that half of Americans now interact with athletes and watch games on mobile devices should point to one key factor: the internet is the way we will all be watching our sports in the future. Not to mention the incredible amount of Americans who no longer have cable!

We have always focused on the message and creative as the main objective in all that we do. Now we are pushing for ourselves and our clients the power of making relevant content and engaging media for the avenue they are in. Hyper targeting ads with proper context is a recipe for success!

So moving forward, we are building into every commercial film production intentional media and content for social media platforms that are tailored towards the people most likely to engage with the media.


Relevant, impactful media with great context, targeted to the proper consumers will always be a win!


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