So, there were a LOT of good Super Bowl commercials this weekend.

We decided to compile a list of our 5 favorite ones for your enjoyment, as well as an example as to 'why' we liked it. 

Let's be clear, narrowing it down to five was more difficult then we would have thought. So without further ado...


Audi | Daughter

Firstly, a Super Bowl 2017 commercial list is NOT COMPLETE if it doesn't include the new #AudiDriveProgress ad in it.

For brilliant cinematography, fantastic copy and for Audi using its position, we're talking about something more and something bigger than its brand or its company. It shows a different value system that we would love to think the company stands behind. 




Mr. Clean | Cleaner of Your Dreams

In second place (even though this is no particular order)..

For its ingenuity and humor in an unlikely way, the Mr. Clean ad was a great ad! We liked the spin at the end, which kept it lighthearted and funny.  All around just an enjoyable ad.




Super Bowl | Baby Legends

Any commercial featuring kids tends to be a win - this one especially!

We loved this for the 'cuteness' factor but also just because it's well done. The studio shots tie together really well and even though it's a short piece, it has just the right amount of humor and tonality. Its also reminiscent of the older Evian commercials.





T-Mobile | UnlimitedMoves

The next one is a surprisingly interesting ad brought to you by #TMobile.

Not the first name you think of when compiling a list of the best ads this super bowl weekend, but it comes to mind now. The reason we loved it, is it kept to the point as a focus and stated true to that objective the entire time. Maintaining great pace and made us dislike old Biebs a little bit less.


Write here...


Kia Niro | Hero's Journey

Lastly, a humorous commercial featuring Melissa McCarthy for the new Kia Niro.

It's an interesting commercial that took a simple idea and turned it on its head. From the great special FX, to the hilarious places she finds herself in. We found ourselves watching this ad to the end, smiling!


Thank you for checking out our Super Bowl Commercial list! We will be updating this article with the list of the Creative houses that were a part of the production/pre production soon!



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