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Lets talk Content

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Lets talk Content

Okay- So lets talk traction! Specifically geared towards #IGTV, i’m sure you’ve heard of it.

Something that we have seen a need for in online content marketing and branding is IGTV. Creating content is a huge way to get native, natural engagements.

Why does this matter?

Because, it does. period. End of discussion, but let me explain.

Theres no questioning this anymore but if you’re still on the fence, let me give you a quick synopsis. ready?


Having a few images or videos isn’t enough in an age of constant bombardment.

So they key to stand out and get organic reach and engagement?

Good content and a LOT of it.

A good practice that we have been implementing for our clients is creating a content pillar.

Where we have a 1-2 minute creative brand film. With in that we can break out multiple 10-15 seconds clips from for IG and Facebook.

We naturally can create a IGTV piece from that content and dissemble and reimagine a 2 minute creative film into 15-20 fun dynamic IG vertical and facebook native content pieces for audiences.

Facebook released a content curator email for marketers and creatives and part of the release talked about the importance of ITV in this new area of marketing and reach.

Why does this matter for you and your business?

It matters because facebooks and IG is giving higher priority to content pushed on IGTV, lately. They want to make that platforms feature stand out and compete with You Tube.Heres what they said:


Get more people to discover your IGTV video by promoting it across Stories, Feed and Live. These are the steps to follow:

  1. Three days before: Share behind-the-scenes content from your upcoming video on Stories.

  2. Two days before: Post a countdown sticker to your Stories.

  3. During upload: Post a preview of your IGTV video in the Feed.

  4. 1-10 minutes after: Use the IGTV share sticker in your Stories.

  5. 1-10 minutes after: Post the permalink to your IGTV video across Facebook and other social apps.

  6. 1 day after: Go Live to discuss reactions to your IGTV video.

The preferred way of posting and curating instagram TV content pieces.

The preferred way of posting and curating instagram TV content pieces.

If this sounds like a lot- its really not. But the fact is that using this system will get you the kind of results that you are looking for. It’s been amazing for our clients and our projects by creating a pyramid of content and following this system for release of that content. 

Capturing peoples eyeballs and getting engagements natively is huge, it allows you to rank higher, organically. Saving marketing dollars and helping your brand!

The use of vertical videos on stories is huge too and honestly, creating short powerful videos for your brand shouldn’t be a dating task. Rather it should be seen as the new way to interact with people who like YOU either as a person-(if its a service brand) or the business brand (if it’s a product or technology)

The bottom line is that you need to be on these channels if you expect to have any relevancy online or in the marketplace. If you aren’t going, someone else will.

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