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Why I Stayed


Why I Stayed

Video. Does it work? How does it help my business? What is the ROI of Video?

These questions I have even asked myself.

Let's back track for a second....

Many of you know that I spend half of my time running and managing other businesses.

One of them, happens to be a wedding cinema company ( you should probably check out by the way)

As such, I have have had one goal in mind. Deliver brilliant final products. The standard 'DVD' in a manilla envelope with a nice note didn't cut it for me. So I went on a mission to configure a way of making not only those disks and packages unique, but also unique in the way they were presented. We experimented with a few methods, all turned out to be either too time consuming or too expensive! So this week, in an effort to resolve the mystery of the ever elusive perfect product package, I did what any sane person would do: I went to my great friend, Google!

Google and I go way back. But if there is one thing I do not like about this great friend of mine, it's how many options I inevitably always get back. This was such the case tonight. I have so far spent the majority of the last 3 hours searching far and wide for that 'perfect' shipping container. Dozens of sites later, I clicked on one in particular. It was unappealing by name, lacking in design and quite frankly, confusing to use. However, unlike the dozens and dozens of sites before it, I did what I had least expected. I took 5 minutes to write them and inquire about their service.


Well, that's what is so ironic (yes, I am using that word in its proper context). The reason I wrote them and lingered on their site for an extra 5 minutes (and will most likely use them) is hilarious..

I saw a Video!

The first thing I saw on their site - coincidentally, the first thing I clicked on, was a Video. It was crude, the sound was awful, the edits, well... crude. Still, it was effective! It provided that extra hook and that sweet appeal and approachability that only video can. I saw a story, connected with a worker and was able to experience something. I felt like I was able to connect with the company. I almost exited the whole site on account of how poorly the video was crafted, none the less, it was more appealing to me than the previous sites I had been to.

They didn't have a unique product. There was no incredible price point. It didn't appear as though they had a superb marketing team either (they were on page 21 after all). They did however have ONE thing that their competitors did NOT have.

They had Video.



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