We have been very busy at the office recently. So much so we have let the website and subsequently the blog in dire need of some attention. 

Recently we have moved into more design and branding packages for our clients. Hours of creative and design and ideating with new products and people are becoming more and more common. We are loving it. 

On that note, we have noticed a few great and useful resources that we have been utilizing in steering the conversation and the project in the directions that suit the brief, best. From guidance on the craft of the design conversation to the rules governing them. Google has been our friend. And specifically, the Design resources segment is an amazing tool for young and creative entrepreneurs to utilize in building the foundation of good design skill. when everything is aesthetic; design and context become the currency.


Design Conversation: This is a useful asset in guiding communication of a specific design ideal.

This is tailored too for the google assistant, voice and what we believe is a vital part the conversation of a clients brand. Voice, being something that has gained a lot of traction in recent months. This has the benefit of giving companies and brands traction unlike simply creating an SEO log and marketing themselves in their city. If you start designing with a screen in mind, it can be easy to lose the thread of the conversation and end up with a graphical interface that is not suitable for conversation. Being aware of how the end user is interacting with you is so important with what we do in creating a visual identity.

Fonts : A giant aspect of creation is the context and the communication of thought. The first introduction between potential clients and consumers is the visual dialogue. Free creative and beautiful fonts are great resources that we use constantly in dealing with clients.

Material io: Gallery is a collaborative tool for uploading design work, getting feedback, and tracking revisions – quickly and efficiently. Optimized for Material, Gallery generates redlines and connects to developer resources for implementing Material Components. This has been great for quickly creating feedback loops to improve on design and concepts.

Design and creative communication that is clear and concise is a huge part of making clients happier and successful. Hopefully, these few resources are helpful on conversation of making the creative.




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